Can you include cover for sports injuries? Yes we can cover virtually all dangerous sports from football to rock climbing.

Will you cover existing conditions? This depends on their nature so please call us to discuss further.

Will I have to be off work a long time before I can claim? No, typically the waiting period is a week although it can be shorter.

How long will the policy pay out? This depends on what cover you choose, but most people elect for a maximum claim period to age 65. So for example if you were 30 and fractured your spine and could not work again, the policy could pay out for 35 years.

Do I have to be in hospital to claim? No, you just have to be unable to work. This is important because you could tear a ligament very badly and only spend one night in hospital, but be unable to work for a year.

What are the most frequent claims for? This varies from year to year, but chainsaw cuts and ripped ligaments are particularly common in the winter. Skiing injuries are also frequent as are, somewhat bizarrely, injuries at BBQs. The injury that always springs to mind is a Tree Surgeon who fractured his coccyx whilst walking his dog.

How much will it cost? This depends on numerous factors as we tailor make the quotation to suit your needs, but typical costs are £20-£40 per month for a 30 year old.

How do I get more information? This type of insurance is not a tick box exercise. By far the best thing to do is call us on 01732 363562.

The benefits of cover we arrange can include:

No height restrictions

Cover use of tools

Sports Cover

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