How will you pay the bills if you can’t work?

The Myth: Many people including some employers believe that their staff are covered against personal injury by Employers Liability Insurance. This is not correct. This insurance actually covers the business owner if you make a successful claim against them. Read our Articles for more information

Unless your employer runs a  long term sick/injury pay scheme, which is VERY rare,  then you should consider Personal Injury Insurance.  In our experience most employers only offer statutory sick pay, which is less than £100 per week- could you live on this? The benefits of the cover we can arrange can include:

  • No height restrictions
  • Covers use of tools, including chainsaw accidents
  • Dangerous sports cover can be included
  • Claims can be paid out until maximum age 65
  • Covers illness
  • Short waiting period – typically one week

We will tailor make your cover to suit your circumstances so it is essential to speak to you. So call  us now on  01732 759844 or Get Quote

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